Evergreen PSE


Issue Resolution Process

 When you have a question or problem, please contact your Trustee*.

*Trustees are elected by the members they represent.  Their responsibilities include advising members on their contract rights, expressing the needs and concerns of members to the executive board, and serving on the negotiations committee.

  • If you are a Paraeducator (Staff Assistant), contact……

            Vickie Gaines        Phone:  574-6236                                            

  • If you are a Service Worker, contact……                           


  • If you are a ProTech, contact……

         Sue Bukovac –          Phone:  513-6950 -     

604-1001 ext 4634  – 

  • If you are in Maintenance, contact……

         Mike Stackpole –     Phone: 896-3007 –      

  • If you are a Bus Driver, contact……

         Sandy Forst              Phone: 360-771-6380                 

         Lorraine Herbert    Phone:  360-907-5596

         Pati Busch                 Phone:  503-381-2411                                         

         Nancy Tewid             Phone:  360-910-0746

          Edy Lanphere           Phone:  360-909-8573

  • If you are a Mechanic, contact……

          Dave Miller –             Phone: